This is a small collection of a few visits to Yosemite over the years.  Yosemite is one of the places that demands many visits in order to come up with better images that you’ve obtained previously.  It is like a place where you continue to see your photographic styles or skills evolve over the years, as opposed to other places whereby you only visit once or twice.  Each time you come to Yosemite, different weather conditions and lighting basically gives you a fresh look at the same places.  That is the reason why so many professional photographers make Yosemite their homes.

It is quite the opposite of what most people think, Yosemite is a difficult place to get outstanding images if you don’t have the patience or time, and I have neither, so the only thing I hope for is to get lucky.  That is the main reason why I have a few images that I might consider decent to look at.  Hopefully over the next few years, I will get better images.



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