Two beautiful countries with various things to see and do, not just only for landscape and scenery but “outdoor” attractions is what I would call it. These two countries are the perfect places for those who seeks peace, tranquility mixed with outdoor activities, in addition to their beautiful scenery, and last but not least, the most happy and friendly people that I’ve encountered during most of my travels.  However, if you only interested in photography, then Iceland is “the” place.  If you’d like to enjoy outdoorsy things, relax, hikes, foods, etc…then Norway.  I’ve not traveled to the upper northern area of Norway, where I understand that it might be better for photography, so that would be my next focus point if I go back to Norway.

Similarly, Iceland also has so many more places to explore, off the beaten paths that I had not had time to do, so maybe that will be my next focus as well. Literally, when driving around Iceland, I wanted to stop every few miles to take pictures!  But doing so would have taken away the time I needed to hit these major touristy spots, which was the main purpose of this first visit.

One thing to note, these two countries are both expensive to visit.  If you’re used to how much things cost in USA, then you might be shocked.  But the price is worth the visit, at least once in your life time.


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