This lens is light and sharp!  Now you have it…and you don’t have to read it any further, just go out and buy one now before your next vacation photo trip!

I bought this lens at the same time as I switched over to the new Nikon gear, the D800E from my old and trusty Canon.  Can’t say enough about the Nikon D800E, it is in one word, SPECTACULAR!  There is currently no DLSR with the resolution that can beat it.  However, this is a blog about the Nikon 70-200 F4 VR, so I save the D800E for later.

To say that I satisfy with this lens is an understatement.  I used it a lot more than I had thought I would use it before the trip to Myanmar, Cambodia.  The lens is a joy to use both hand-held and on tripod.  With its outstanding VR system, I got sharp pictures hand-held at speed as low as 1/25 of a second!  Now that is a very slow hand-held speed for any lens!  Of course with that speed, I’m talking about stationary subjects, not moving ones.  For moving subjects, to be safe, I switched from Aperture priority to Shutter priority and let the ISO be in Auto mode with shutter speed set to 1/300 of a second or more.  With the Nikon D800E, even with ISO auto-switched to 6400, I would still get pretty nice images after post-processed in either DXO Optics or Photoshop.   Amazing combination!

To demonstrate the sharpness of this lens, here is the full image and the 100% crop of a small section of the image.


And here is the 100% crop image of the golden Pagoda.  Now if you can see the wires clearly on this 100% crop image without any smearing, etc…, that is sharp!

70-200mm 100pct crop

If you want to buy this lens, I’m providing you with the convenient links below so you can help me to help you!

From B&H Audio Video:
70-200mm f/4G/FREE FILTERS AF-S
From Amazon:
Nikon 70-200mm f/4G ED VR Nikkor Zoom Lens

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