Canon 85mm F1.2 Mk2 –  My brief take on this lens

Canon 85mm F1.2 Mk2 – My brief take on this lens

Acquired this lens about a month ago, the sharpness is unreal…as shown in this picture below.  Other type of sharpness can only be enhanced thru Photoshop to some degree, however, the sharpness of this lens is real and can’t be duplicated.  Its sharpness is natural and not fake as you’d see when being over-sharpen in PS.  I would urge that if you need something like this for your ultimate portraits or other situations, get this lens instead of other ones such as the 85mm F1.8 or 50mm f1.4, as other people have been talking about, and you won’t regret it.  As I said before in some of my other blogs, if you cheap out, you’ll lose more money down the line from selling the cheaper ones and buying the best ones.  To use this with F1.2, you’ll need to be careful and know exactly what you’ll want from your images, however, the option is there for you to use when you want to, and that is why you’ll pay the big bucks for this lens, and it IS WORTH it!

There are also talks about this lens has slow focus.  Yes, the focus is a slower than the 85mm f1.8 or my other one 50mm F1.4, however, by prefocusing on the subjects and move with the subjects, it focuses pretty fast, fast enough for most situations.  Just like anything, there is no perfect products, just compromises and you need to learn to utilize the products in the right situations and the key is to know your gears well and practice how to use the gears then you’ll be fine.  The 50mm f1.4 was a great lens, however, the bokeh and the color rendering was not the best, and left too much to be desired, therefore I sold it.  This 85mm f1.2 Mk2 lens’ sharpness is on par with any lens out there including those highly touted Zeiss lens and even better than most of them.

If you use Canon body, I can’t think of any reason to buy other similar 85mm prime lens but this one, and let’s not forget its bokeh is the best I’ve seen and the auto-focus is a great thing to have, even though you can use the manual focus if you want.  The manual assisted focus works fine when I wanted to use it.  To me, if image quality is what you want, let’s not knit-pick and spend time learning how to use it well and enjoy the results.

Use this link to see the current price for this lens:
Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM Autofocus Lens  (B&H)
Canon EF 85mm f1.2L II USM Lens for Canon DSLR Cameras  (Amazon)



Taken at F1.8

Taken at F1.8


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