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My passions are travel, photography and database related technologies.  I consider myself a travel photographer more than a  landscape one, due to the fact that I tend not to spend too much time in one place and stalk sunrise and sunset at the same place repeatedly until I get a perfect image.  And more importantly, I enjoy other things during travel like seeing local cultures, eat local foods, drink local coffee, wine, pastries, etc…  With that said, I do try to make it an efforts to be there at these times when I can and when my sleep does not win out.  I try to document each place where I go to the best of what nature gives me that day.  In addition to that, on this site, besides sharing my photos, I’d like to share some of my experiences as well with the intention to provide you with information that you might find useful in planning trips to these places.  Please take time to read the brief descriptions or stories on these pictures on my experiences, and post some feedback or comments.  If there is not enough information on some images or places please feel free to email me or post feedback, I will answer them all when I can.  Thank you and enjoy.

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My Myanmar Trip in November 2013 – Travel and Photography Tips

_DSC2258_DxOThese images are from my recent trip to Myanmar, November 2013. I also traveled to Thailand, Cambodia during this trip. Images from the other places will also be available shortly. Myanmar people are wonderful, courteous and nice. I would recommend anyone who are experienced travelers and who have gone to other nearby Southeast Asia to come here if you’ve not already done so. Myanmar is still in its infancy in terms of touristry compared to countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia etc…, but that is part of what its uniqueness and you’ll never see anything like this in any other places in the world.  Hope you’ll enjoy this journey thru some of my images.

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