Balkan Trip 2015





Traveled to these Balkan nations in end of October 2015, just the right time for some Autumn colors.  I’d been wanting to see the sites of these wonderful images that mostly posted by European photographers, where they have been like their backyards, similar to Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, etc… to our backyards.  Finally, I can check this off my list of places to go.






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My Myanmar Trip in November 2013 – Travel and Photography Tips

_DSC2258_DxOThese images are from my recent trip to Myanmar, November 2013. I also traveled to Thailand, Cambodia during this trip. Images from the other places will also be available shortly. Myanmar people are wonderful, courteous and nice. I would recommend anyone who are experienced travelers and who have gone to other nearby Southeast Asia to come here if you’ve not already done so. Myanmar is still in its infancy in terms of touristry compared to countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia etc…, but that is part of what its uniqueness and you’ll never see anything like this in any other places in the world.  Hope you’ll enjoy this journey thru some of my images.

To view these images, hover your mouse over the first image, then click on the “loupe” icon.  To go to the next images, click on the right area/arrow on the image itself.

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