My passions are travel, photography. I consider myself a travel more than a landscape photographer, due to the fact that I enjoy more than just a perfect image. With that said, I do try to make it an efforts to get the best images as I possibly can.

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$39.99 – Great Deal on this Tamrac Camera Bag

Just bought one myself. I’ve been using an old Tamrac, with the exact same dimension, however, there are a few things that I wish that I had, and hope that the new one will provide me with those wishes. I’ve also searched for a similar one from other...

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My Tool Kit

To browse photographic needs please use these convenient links:  or   ** To Shop for lenses   Nikon D810E (More info) What an awesome camera, and I do believe wholeheartedly that this is currently as of Jan 2014 (and patiently waiting for the next...

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